16. Lord ByronHandsfather and child 223. VW Bus 222. VW Bus 114. pet shop mice11. Cafe Chairs & Couch12. father & son on bus14. pet shop cichlids15. man at library13. Bums at the Library25. Smart PhonesHands 4pet shop chicksnude study 2nude study 1college guy studyingLa Cienaga Bus StopBums in the LibraryLove Your Neighbor 4. Adv of Baby ManLying Dog 124. tree branchesforeshortening 417. Starbucks18, Taco Tues29. Tango 328. Tango 227. Tango 114. Drawing-Oscars & Cichlids 2laundromat guy26. Still Life 116. woman at library15. Father & Child in parkExcercising at BeachThe WedgeHands 317. Newspapers